by Ember

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released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Ember Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Malignant
Deplete the minds of what is real
Time fading faster
Pestilence has taken over
All of us
Dissable me from the cycle
Because as long as I'm
Still breathing
Malice will consume all that I have to offer (take me as I am) if that's what kills me
I'll make the same difference whether I'm dead or alive
If malignancy is what kills me
I'll make the same difference whether I'm dead or alive
This is all too exhausting
Why do we choose to live
Love has failed us all
But it's kept me holding on
I'm still holding on
Track Name: Advocate
Believe nothing
This is not life
We're Stripped of purpose
We're Only advocates of defeat
This is reality
This is our meaning
Only but a waste of breathe

Breathe me in
And spit me out
Reject me
Detest me

Push back the soil
Make amends for filth
Keep us cold
Preserve nothing

We never asked for this
Fate was always in your hands
Set us free
Track Name: The Road
All I hear is a heart beat, so fucking shallow and worthless.
And all I see is a stillborn world.
It was when you removed your hands from my eyes I seen desperation.
I'll suffer from the ideals of this world alone, I'll wander alone I'll question my purpose, my fucking existence.
We are only but breathing.
Please give up on me.
I'd give my eyes to see you, I'd give my heart to feel you.
Aimless inconveniences we are only but breathing.
It's fucking bittersweet in this silence.
Leave me motionless, leave me helpless.
Track Name: You
You always found me a reason
You always found me alone wandering
It's when I seen my life as meaningless
You gave me a sense of purpose
I always thought I'd be alone
Just One life can make a difference
You never turned your back on me
For once
we are equals
Revenge now driven for the sake of sanction
Without resolve or dispute
We're incapable
Of ever understanding one another
With the sun our eyes
And these knives in our back
Face me
in the graves we made for each other